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Heavy metal divas (and lots of hairspray!) of Warbride! (I'm the upper middle)
Me and the dudes in The Charm School Dropouts

the call of the wild

This is what I call that ping, that inner voice, that something that calls out to you, often seemingly out of nowhere. I’d say my creative wanderlust started when I decided to leave college after one year of studying jazz vocal at the University of Miami because I had decided that “I didn’t need a degree to be a rock star.”

Soon after, I left the midwest area I called home to pursue this dream in Hollywood, California. Two bands, lots of gigs, too many bad boys and not enough soul connection later, I realized that even if I had ‘made it’, I wouldn’t be happy living that full-yet-empty life. I heard a different call– not as wild as a rock and roll summoning shout, but a mysterious whisper of knowing that was just as unchartered, if not even more frightening; I was listening to my inner Self and what it knew needed to happen, even if it didn’t make much sense to me at the time or even where it would lead me.

Paging Dr. Martha Beck...

I believe this profound understanding truly peeked my interest in helping others find and connect with their authentic selves, and that is what led to my pursuit of a certification in life coaching.

I’m proud to say I received my education from the incredible Dr. Beck. As a world-renowned coach who is also a Harvard-trained sociologist, her brilliant mind spoke to my highly pragmatic one, which wasn’t quite sure how I felt about a lot of the fluffy positivity that seems to come with the life coaching territory. Plus, she has a wicked sense of humor which is always a requisite in my book!

Coaching for the Collective

The Call of the Wild is strong in me, my friends, and what started as a one-on-one life coaching practice has led me to use those skills through my writing as a published author, in speaking and teaching engagements, through podcasting, writing, and creating content for Modern Prairie, and my work as a tarot advisor. Whew!

Can't take the badass out of the girl

I truly believe that once you have hard rock and heavy metal in your soul, it doesn’t leave you. Badassery is a strong force when you believe metal is an attitude.

Sometime around 2015, I decided I wanted a kickass planner that would inspire me, but I could only find the flowery, feel-good varieties. They didn’t make me want to grab life by the jewels and kick down some doors, so I decided to create my own.

Fully expecting to publish it on my own, I sent it out on a whim to see what would happen, and within two months, I had a publishing contract! 

The Badass Planner hit the shelves in 2017–a call-to-action planner with a method that inspired you to get intentional with your tasks and make each day count! It was brilliant fun and came complete with a “Caution! Includes Profanity” graphic on the cover that I was pretty proud of. Sadly, like so many people, places, and things, it became a victim of the pandemic and, after five years, the planner to its early demise.

It was a great start to my writing career, and I’m fortunate to say that I’ve been working on something or other ever since.

Writing is my way of getting my voice out to the world; trying to inspire others to stretch their wings, look at things in new ways, and see the world from different perspectives. I also want my readers to enjoy themselves and be entertained! Never underestimate the power of pure fun and entertainment. There is so much magic in that!

Badass On The Prairie

This online community has become my home away from home! Co-founded by Melissa Gilbert (yup, that’s little Laura Ingalls from the 70s/80s iconic TV series Little House on the Prairie), Modern Prairie is where women of a ‘certain age’ can celebrate aging–not try to avoid it! I’m proud to be a part of their supportive and groundbreaking brand as I contribute with content. 

It’s so wonderful to find a company I can team up with that shares my passion for helping women reconnect, rediscover and reclaim who they are. As a brand-new startup already touching so many lives, I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I hope you’ll join us over there by signing up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything going on and will participate in the conversation on social media with the various pages and groups they have going on Facebook and Instagram

Self-Expansion Tarot

Remember my need for a coaching program that wasn’t full of glitter and rainbows and toxic positivity? (ok, there is always room for glitter, but only of the badass variety.) Trust me–when it came to the tarot, I had always raised a cynical eyebrow at that kind of thing.

Until that is, I had a random just-for-fun reading that truly hit home–especially when I was told that my brain struggled with its duality of pragmatic and woo-woo. Whoa.

And when my very non-woo reader Brian told me I was psychic, I laughed out loud and told him that he said that to all the girls. 

Once home, however, I could not stop thinking about that reading. OK, I couldn’t read minds or tell the future, but I was pretty intuitive. I did read people pretty well. Huh. And how could a Lord of the Rings fan-girl like me resist beautiful cards that screamed old-world magic?

Seemingly out of nowhere, that experience inspired me to finally allow my pragmatic self to connect with my intuitive magical side that had always tugged at my pant leg. Since raising my white flag and surrendering to the pull of reading the tarot, I continue to be amazed at the effects and changes I’ve witnessed in myself and the many others I’ve worked with.

Whether you are partnering with me to truly connect with your inner Self, exploring life goals, tapping into your creative muse, or using the cards as guides in your writing craft, the unique personal magic of the tarot takes your self-development to self-expansion.


Back in the midwest


So here I am, back where I started in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And I wouldn’t be anywhere else!

OK, except maybe in the dead of the long, cold winters. Then you will find me doing whatever I can to chase the sun, hopefully on a sunny beach somewhere, crying because the ocean moves me so!

I’m lucky enough to have been married for many years to a pretty amazing guy who supports me in all things woo woo, even when he doesn’t especially get it. 

I’m also extremely fortunate to have two adult kids who are close by and actually like hanging out with their old mom. 

When I can, I love working with people if they are in the area. But if not, I do much of my work remotely!

Your call of the wild

Do you hear a distant beckoning, a call to abandon old binds and fears and step forward into what is meant to be part of your destiny?  There is nothing more exciting than watching someone as their dreams come true, and if I can help inspire you in any way, shape, or form, I am honored and humbled! You know where to find me (ahem, here) if I can help to guide you down your essential path to your soul’s delight. Doesn’t that sound fun??