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Self-Development Tarot

Although metaphysical modalities are becoming more and more commonplace these days, the tarot often still gets a bad rap.

Watch any movie or show that features a tarot reader, and you will see some mysterious, shifty woman or a creepy dude who undoubtedly flips over the Death, The Hanged Man, or The Devil card. Nine times out of ten, they don’t even interpret it correctly. (hint: these cards are not harbingers of doom.)

It may surprise you that there is no such thing as a “good” or “bad” tarot card, that a woman can most certainly be a Knight of Wands, and that a pentacle is not the sign of evil.

And more astonishing? I don’t believe a tarot card tells me what to do, answers my questions for me, or tells me my future.

Yes, consulting the tarot is a wonderful way to explore your version of spirituality, get a glimpse into your relationships, and seek guidance that may lead you down whatever road you are currently traveling.

But more than anything, the nerd in me loves how tarot offers age-old philosophy that tells the story of the human condition, guiding us as we make our way through our own hero’s journey.

Looking at the tarot from this lens, I work with the cards as a self-development and creative tool that helps women explore their inner selves and their Call of the Wild, and I love to help writers connect deeply with their vision and get inspired in a whole new magical way.

Sure, I tend to be an intuitive person, but I’m not here to tell you your future or read your mind. The cards have a way of breaking down that wall we all build around our subconscious to give us access to our truest thoughts and feelings. This helps to align us with our elemental selves: Who we truly are. And when we can do this, we start heading in the direction and bringing things to us that are meant to be ours.

As far as I’m concerned, the magic lies within YOU, not the cards. When you hire me to do a reading or work with an aspect of your story-writing, the three of us—you, me, and the tarot—collaborate together to help you navigate your unexpected journey.

What's calling You?

We have all experienced various times in our lives when we feel a ‘ping’; something that is calling out to us, beckoning us to explore and discover it.

I’m a firm believer that when you hear that call, you need to answer! This is the voice of your true, inner self–your elemental self–leading you in a direction where you need to go.

You may have an idea of what that could be, or you might just be feeling some unknown simmer of excitement under the surface that tells you something cool (or hot?!) is on the horizon. This can be a creative endeavor or a new way of thinking, but whatever it is, it is essential for you to experience it in order to move forward on your true life path.

My Call of the Wild Reading encourages you to explore what this could be, who, and what could support you, and what it could mean for this chapter of your life.

Tarot for writers

There are many wonderful tools out there to help the writer hone their craft, and I say, use as many as you can that feel good to you! Sometimes, however, the same old methods and assignments can fall a bit flat. As a creative person such as you, working with something new and unique can really get those imaginative sparks flying and inspire you in a whole new way.

With so many different decks of various moods and themes, tarot cards are chock-full of creative inspiration. Whether or not you know their given meaning, each card can be a treasure trove of color and symbology, open and ready to be interpreted however you see fit. 

Within my own writing practice, I have discovered that working with the tarot directly with elements of your story is truly extraordinary! Read on to see how they can help you…

Developing Characters

In my humble opinion, character development is the most essential part of story writing. 

It goes without saying that a good plot is very important as well. Still, if I can’t connect with a character or I notice that they are thinking or reacting to something in a way that doesn’t align with their prescribed personality, the whole story falls flat!

With this in mind, I have devised a unique system using the Court Cards of the tarot to help you create a character that is not only three-dimensional and believable but stays consistent throughout your entire tale.

As the Court Cards are the personality and archetypal cards of a tarot deck, assigning a specific one to your characters brings a distinctive understanding of them that can bring character development to a whole new magical level. I periodically teach this very method in a class at the prestigious Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis, and I love to share it one on one as well.

Character Interviews

As writers work with characters, these beings become living, breathing people.

We often go through exercises to explore what any given person in our story may be thinking, what motivates them, or who in their lives has left a lasting impression–everything that shaped them into who they are. This process then makes them more genuine to the reader.

Can you imagine being able to actually ask your characters what they’re thinking or what they want to do next?

My in-depth Character Interview Reading offers 24 probing questions about who they are, what may be their internal conflict, and how aspects of their external world are affecting them. 

From there, you and I work through what they may be saying through the cards.

This is such a wonderful way to hear their voice, and work through some aspects you may not have thought about before.

Story Immersion

Sometimes you’re going along in your story and your hero’s journey comes to a screeching halt. It’s like a giant road block wedged into your brain and you suddenly have no idea where to lead them.

Other times you have too many ideas, and gaining some clarity would be really helpful.

There are different schools of thought around just how many specific plot points there are–and what they are called!– but my prescribed Plot Point Reading tackles the Ordinary World, the Inciting Incident, the Mid-Point, the Climax, and the Resolution.

Consulting the tarot as you work through aspects of your plot can be a game changer. Suddenly ideas are coming at you–not from someone else, but from your own elemental self.

This is an author-led, organic process. This is not about telling you where you should be going with your story, screenplay, or video game idea. You and I bounce ideas off each other around where the tarot is leading us, and see what sticks.

Got your own plot points, or specific questions for them instead of a pre-written reading? That’s cool, too. 

Some people like to use the cards as a starting point for the seed of an idea to help them shape the plot from the very beginning! 

However you envision it, however you like to work…I’m here for you. 

And don't forget...

a creative companion

Whether you are a professional writer or someone who loves to put words on paper for their own reflection and personal growth, using the tarot as a creative resource can be really powerful. 

As an everyday self-care and motivational practice, specific cards can help get your thoughts out on paper with journaling, brainstorming, or free-writing,  get yourself in the ‘write’ frame of mind, or help to unstick your overworked brain.

I’d love to see people work tarot into their lives as a regular self-care practice as one would take part in meditation or exercise.  Like those activities, using the tarot this way can help you gain clarity, reduce stress, and explore new ideas that undoubtedly come from diving into these ancient nuggets of wisdom. 

At this point, this exercise isn’t anything I provide as a class or personal session–just my suggestion to you as a great tool to advance yourself and your writing!

I currently do one-on-one sessions only by request.

As each experience is unique, feel free to schedule a FREE 15-minute consult call to ask questions to decide how this could work and if it’s right for you.

Expand And Amplify Yourself Or Your Story!