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Little House Life Hacks

Once upon a pandemic, my dear and talented author friend Angie Bailey and I decided that getting through the tough times was a lot easier when we could binge-watch Gen-X comfort television, namely that sweet and sappy feel-good Little House on the Prairie cult-classic that took much of the ’70’s and ’80’s by crop-killing storm. 

As we rewatched its syndication with adult eyes, we realized how much we could glean from its incredible life lessons despite (or because of?) Pa’s sweaty chest and glistening tears, Ma’s penchant for piety, Mary’s big-sister bossiness and Laura’s cringy cultural appropriation. That realization is now Little House Life Hacks came to be.

Little House Life Hacks is a lifestyle book that is both kitschy and practical and touches on the beautiful tidbits of wisdom we can embody not only from the show but also the incredible books that it was based on and that so many of us devoured as children, penned by Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Get helpful up-to-date advice around so many areas of your life as you learn to hack your Self-Care, Family Life, Romantic Life, Faith, Work Life, Resourcefulness, and so much more, and be inspired by the many quotes and historical facts throughout the pages. 

Did I mention there is even an illustration of a very Charles-like character without his shirt? I mean, you can’t very well represent Little House without a nod to that detail.

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The Badass Planner may have been permanently shelved, but calendars are still on the table for me–or at least on the desk.

Whimsical Witchcraft and The Horror! from Sellers Publishing, are two very different yet surprisingly similar desk calendars that hit the shelves for the 2024 year.

Have you wondered what exactly a spell is? Whimsical Witchcraft will tell you, along with providing you directions on how to cast them. You’ll learn about all things witchy things like crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, (but of course!) and many more modalities and tools, along with interesting historical facts, affirmations, and quotes!

You may just be horrified by the scary stories that come to real life, urban legends, and historical facts on the pages of The Horror! Terrifying Trivia for Fright Fanatics, and horror aficionados will have a frighteningly good time quizzing themselves on their favorite films, books, and horror baddies that keep them up at night. 

Both of these calendars will also be available for 2025.