Well, Hello There!

Welcome to my new site!!

New year, new site. It always feels good to refresh, doesn’t it? Let’s celebrate with some donuts!

And honestly, I didn’t plan on the auspicious timing of it all–my life’s just been kind of like that these days. There’s a lot of great stuff going on–allow me to catch you up! 

A Home Away from Home

Once upon a time, a girl got this crazy idea to reach out to Melissa Gilbert’s new community to propose a blog. She asked if they would be interested in having someone (like herself, ahem) write about incorporating the tarot into our everyday lives. Within a week, she had connected with the nicest CEO ever, and before she knew it, she was writing for them, creating content, and facilitating workshops. 

It feels like a fairy tale to join forces with this beautiful brand that wants to support midlife women as we navigate the often rocky roads of aging. Melissa is a fabulous role model, leading the way by being and sharing her authentic self. I feel so at home within this community, and I invite you to be a part of it! If you’re on Facebook, join the Setting the Intention community, which Modern Prairie’s theme for the beginning of this year.

Head on over to Modern Prairie and check out the events, helpful information, and beautiful products handmade by women artisans. Sign up for the newsletter, so you don’t miss out on anything! Many of the vents are free!–and who wouldn’t want to see what Half-Pint is up to these days?!

A new podcast!

As Modern Prairie’s CEO Nicole and I chatted about the various things her new community could offer, I suggested that a podcast could be the perfect way for Melissa to create conversation around so many great topics; how can you make friends at this age? Isn’t it frustrating that so many products tout “anti-aging” when we should be embracing the fact that we’re getting older? (it sure beats the alternative!) How can you work to reconnect, rediscover and reclaim your Self when you hit this transition in your life? 

Before I knew it, Nicole was suggesting that I myself be the co-host with Melissa, and we were off and running with The Knitty Gritty Podcast! We just launched our Intro and 1st episodes, and I really think you’re gonna enjoy them. Melissa and I are all about connecting with our community, finding out what YOU want us to talk about, and how we can support you.  

Listen to the episodes here, and send in any suggestions here! And if you feel moved to, we sure would appreciate a review on Apple Podcasts, as that will help boost us up in the ranks so more women can find us. We appreciate it!!! I’d love to hear what you think!!! 

Book News!

I’m in the process of final look-sees and edits for my desktop calendars, Whimsical Witch and The Horror, which I’m guessing will be available for pre-order around July and then will be REALLY making their appearances toward the end of the year! They have been such fun projects and I love what Sellers Publishing is doing with them, they look great!

Little House Life Hacks, the kitschy-yet-helpful lifestyle book that gleans life-lessons from our beloved Little House on the Prairie books and TV show I co-authored with Angie Bailey, will also be coming up over the horizon of the bookstore prairie soon–I will let you know when that is available!

Always, The tarot

Ahhh, the tarot. The deck of cards that I view as pages of a cosmically collective book that tells the story of our life journeys. 

If you’ve followed my work, you know that although I agree that there are magical aspects to this practice, I believe the magic lies in YOU. Although I am an intuitive, my readings are more about helping you break down the wall you’ve built up around your subconscious to get at things that need to be discovered–or rediscovered–than any kind of fortune or future telling. I believe a deck of tarot cards is a handy self-discovery tool for anyone, and you don’t have to be an expert to experience their benefits. 

At this time my readings are mostly collective: meaning I will write about specific cards to share how they can help us come at things in our and encourage you to explore for yourself by incorporating the lessons and doing some writing about it.

I do one-on-one tarot advising upon request, and my specialty is working some tarot magic with fellow writers to help them do some character and story development! Please reach out with any questions!

Join My Fellowship!!

If you’ve hitched a ride over from Your Unexpected Journey, thanks so much for following me down THIS new path! Expect a lot of the same musings–maybe a tad less LOTR-flavored, although you know that my heart will always be in Middle Earth, and any chance I can make a Lord of the Rings reference, I’m gonna take it!

To make things simpler and so that you will receive fewer emails, I will no longer offer a newsletter at this time but will keep my announcements here as blog posts. Other than news, you’ll receive my thoughts on life as a midlife woman (and how I’m doing my best to rock it right out!) and incorporating the tarot as everyday inspiration. It’s not just for woo-woos anymore!

Please subscribe so that you can be a part of my Fellowship! (see, already throwing in a Lord of the Rings reference.)

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