Turn it Up With the Tarot!

Want to expand your horizons? I often say that we are all on an unexpected journey. Navigating this thing we call life in a direction that will lead where you want to go starts with exploration, discovery, inspiration, and intention. There are a lot of tools that help you get in touch with different feeling […]

Tell a Story with Tarot

A Story within a Story As you know, one of the things I love most about the tarot is how it’s such a helpful tool for personal growth. I’m so passionate about that fact that I call the way I read “Self-Development Tarot.” There are many facets of us, and let’s face it–they could ALL […]

For the Love of Curiosity. (and Tolkien.)

If you’ve been listening to The Knitty Gritty podcast, you know that we’ve been talking a lot about being curious, and Melissa has listed it as one of her favorite qualities in a person. I would have to agree! Curiosity is the driving force from within that inspires us to learn, try, and do. We […]

Ask Yourself Why

Your Why I love how, over at Modern Prairie, we started this new year by focusing on intention. YOUR intention. In the What’s Your Word workshop I led, I spoke about how often New Year’s Resolutions are ineffective because they focus more on checking the box next to some goal you’re trying to accomplish or […]

Ruh Roh, The Tower!

I like to start my days checking in with the tarot to see what could be good for me to think about, to ponder, to put into motion, and help to inspire me that day. I had to LOL darkly when The Tower came jumping out at me as I shuffled. It landed upside down, […]