Turn it Up With the Tarot!

Want to expand your horizons?

I often say that we are all on an unexpected journey. Navigating this thing we call life in a direction that will lead where you want to go starts with exploration, discovery, inspiration, and intention.

There are a lot of tools that help you get in touch with different feeling states that provide a temporary respite or a kick in the pants on your arduous trek. There is definitely a time and place for crystals, candles, bubble baths, and vacation getaways.

But if you really want to move ahead in ways that will truly change your life, that calls for digging in a bit deeper. You’ll get so much more out of whatever you’re looking for if you start from the very beginning—getting in touch with your elemental self.

What if you had access to something that could help you dig deeper into all of the things? What if you could truly learn what your elemental self wants and needs and in turn, live your life loudly by reclaiming and proclaiming your life journey?

There are many ways to do the work, but one of my favorite ways to get in touch with how I could amplify my life is by working with the tarot.

As I always say, seeing the tarot as a divinatory tool only is so limiting! You don’t have to be an official reader—or even have any experience with these cards at all!—to get so much out of it. I always say that each individual card of the tarot is like a page out of a cosmically collective book that has been written for us to explore our life journey. And it’s a picture book! There is no right or wrong way to read the tarot, any card explanation is only a guideline.


And as you know, I love working with the tarot as a self-development tool, and using this ancient modality with all of its timeless wisdom is a creative way to unlock and expand your elemental self—this is what I call your subconscious, your inner voice, the YOU that’s underneath that protective but sometimes prohibitive wall we build up with messages we’ve taken in from other people and society that, in general, doesn’t always have our best interest in mind.

I talk so much about this, that I decided to create a practice so that you can all experience exactly what I mean for yourself!

Welcome to Amplify Tarot!

Here’s how it will work: Using a card that I pull as your reference, there will be four different ways for you to explore and get inspired. I created a guide with my exercises FREE for anyone subscribing to my site, so for my lovely subscribers that are already here (thank you!)– if you are interested in practicing along with me, shoot me an email and I’ll send you the link! 

I will pull a card each Monday and post what it is, with a few keywords, on the Socials. You take it from there, picking one or all the ‘assignments’ that speak to you and that you see fit. Take the week to go over any or all of the exercises, paying attention to what the card is saying to you. (I don’t want to clog up your inbox with weekly cards…but please let me know if you would like me to do a blog post with them here as well.)

This is YOUR practice; you can embark on it to start your day, use it for a much-needed afternoon break, or at night for some reflection time. I will provide card keywords as a general guide, but you can look up the card on the internet to do some more research as to what other sites say about them if you want more guidance. You can even ignore the conventional meanings and simply listen to what they say to you!

And my ‘assignments’ are merely suggestions. If you come up with other ideas, GO FOR IT!

I’d love to hear if you’re trying this, what you are drawn to the most or find yourself enjoying, what you struggle with, and any ah-ha moments that may occur. Think of it as part of your ‘proclaiming’ exercise—and that’s exactly what I’ll check off for myself!

And then think, how can everything I learned help me to move forward?

This is something that will help you Amplify your life, my friends. Turn it up with the tarot! Remember, let me know if you want the guide! 

PS–my ‘Socials’ now includes Threads!! See you there?

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Turn it Up With the Tarot!

Want to expand your horizons? I often say that we are all on an unexpected journey. Navigating this thing we call life in a direction